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Who we are

About BioMindX

We are an innovative European cannabinoid research and production company.

We operate a business which combines a full range of services such as biological science, genetics & seeds, international production, plant-growing-services, white labeling, marketing and branding, supply chain management and distribution processes across Europe.

We are dedicated to helping our clients grow through our combined business and IT knowledge, thoughtful innovation, and global scale. BIOMINDX is a young company and passionate about what we do and the services we offer to our clients, we’ve built expertise that runs broad and deep across the Cannabis industry so that we can anticipate client requirements and fulfil demand wherever it emerges. (edited).

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What We Do

Our growing facility

From the pure light of Greece Mediterranean to purer love of nature and plants.

Greece is one of the first European countries to have a legislative framework in place which governs the operation of processing plants for the production of medicinal cannabis. Our production facilities are strategically located in the beautiful countryside near the village of Nea Appolonia on the rural lands near the lake Volvi in Greece. BIOMINDX operates a premium top-class greenhouse facility with over 8.000 m² of floor space. Production facilities are outfitted with equipment for a year-round growing environment, including light shading curtains, in-floor heating, and additional high-powered growing lights for the winter, we utilize the latest technologies for heating, ventilation, and air cooling. The hemp plants are carefully selected, grown with love, and harvested with the utmost care under supervision.

Proven with average feminization rates of over 99.98%*
ISO, GACP and global gap certified
GMP certification on the way.

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Product We Supply

CBD/CBG Flowers

BioMindX offers a complete range of CBD/CBG products for wholesale, bulk and whitelabel.

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What We Offer

Solution for booming market

We want to provide the opportunity for every human to take part in the exciting journey and to build creative solutions together with us that this revolutionary market offers. BIOMINDX's Grow for Human Private and White Label Program gives you the opportunity to dive into the thriving Cannabis Industry while creating your own unique private label or white label.